Christchurch New Zealand

In June 2012 I visited the site where the London Olympics were held. There had been reports about what has been happening at Stratford these past years and they were not all good: when the area was taken over for redevelopment, there was forced eviction of tenants, closed roads and denied access to public footpaths. Over-zealous security workers ordered photographers, tourists and professionals, to erase their images taken around the perimeter fences. Security was a major concern.
Troops from Iraq, their leave cancelled, had been ordered to help, due to a shortage of trained security personnel. Commuters were advised not to travel to and from work at peak times. “Brand police” toured the UK to protect sponsor’s multimillion-pound marketing deals. The 2012 Olympics were 16 days long. The athletes and spectators returned home. Some fences will be taken down, other will remain. The land and the community has changed yet again.

Here are the images from Stratford