In June 1997 when I felt I'd had enough of everything and everyone, I packed my Volkswagen bus with food, clothes,my Gandolfi camera and lots of music and set off from Höganäs to Norway to experience some space, snow, sunshine and fresh air.
I left all theory behind. No direct ideas about a project to photograph. No method. Nothing. Just be there, look, feel and enjoy. And photograph.
Here's the result :26 images.
In June there were few tourists.The driving was easy, apart from the "boxes" - speed traps, placed along the side of the road and the occasional snow storm. I made Lom a kind of base for a few of days, visiting the area round Sognefjell and later Åndalsnes and Ålesund.
In three days I'd photographed around 5o sheets of 5x4" film. I came back developed the film and made the contacts.That is what you'll find here.

These images are the 1st part of the project: MOUNTAINS


April 1999