G R E E N   P L A C E S   -  T H E  B O O K 


The book "Green Places - Gröna Platser - Grüne Flachen" is now available.
Text by Thorbjörn Andersson and by author in English, Swedish and German, including bibliography and chonology.
80 pages. 55 images reproduced in colour. Hard cover.
Format: 286 x 248mm. ISBN 91-973011-2-4.
Price in Sweden 329 Swedish Kronor. Inquire for other countries.

Available from:
Nya Vyer Förlag & Media HB,
box 3057,
SE-122 03 ÄLVSJÖ,
Telephone +46(0)8 647 33 40,
Fax +46(0)8 647 33 40.


T H E  P R O J E C T

The project started out in 1991 with the working title of "The Tourist's Landscape" or in Swedish: "Touristens Landskap". Below is more information.


T H E  E X H I B I T I O N

The exhibition GRÖNA PLATSER (GREEN PLACES) is available.

The exhibition consists of 14 frames with 3 images per frame, with the same horizontal combination of images as presented here.
Image size is approxiamately 21 x 30 cm. Frame size is 1.3m x 50 cm.

If you are interested in showing the exhibition contact me at this
mail address

This is a photographic exhibition and research project funded by
Göteborg University, Sweden.
My thanks go to them, without them it would probably not have happened.


N E T  V E R S I O N

Here on the net, you will find: 7 main pages with 6 images per page.
In total there are 42 images that can also be viewed individually by clicking on them.




I have filled seven negative files with 6x9cm negatives - I haven't counted them but I guess I must have made over a couple of thousand negatives.

All photographs were made with the equipment listed below.

Camera: Fuji GS690 & Fuji GSW690
Color Film: Agfa Ultra 120 ASA 50, rated at 100ASA.
Hand held exposures, 1/60th and 1/125 at f8 or f11
Exposure meter: none after the initial test exposures
Paper: Kodak Ektacolor Ultra F

John S. Webb April 1999