Lotta Wennius from Malmö, Sweden worked from 29 April - 8th June, as a Rotary Jeep Doctor based at Maseno Mission Hospital in the Nyanza Province, near Kisumu, Kenya. Approximately 4.5 of Kenya'a 28 million population live in this borderland for the Luos and Luyias tribes.
There are only approximately 65 government doctors working in this province - that gives around 70000 patients per doctor. Therefore Rotary's aid is very welcome complement to health care in the area.

Lotta worked the Maseno Line, driving a jeep along Kenya's hazardous roads, visiting the five established "clinics" that have been operating with support of Rotary and the cooperation of local health committees. She worked with a team of local Kenyans: Stephen (tooth-extractor), David (microscope), Floice (dispensary) Rose (translator).

___Extended Nutrition Project
I was given by Fidelis Wainaina, a tour of the Extended Nutrition Project run by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute. Although the project idea was based on teaching agricultural knowledge she was also doing a fantastic job by bringing aids orphans and street kids back to the villages and helping them to be integrated back into village life.
    Well digging - a successful program initiated by Rotary.
    Schools: The Uthanya Primary School at Luanda. A sports day at Maseno Secondary School
    Lotta Wennius: Rotary Doctor at work.
    Stephen Ameda: tooth extractor.
    Views and houses
    My  email letters from Kenya