5th May 2000

Hi there everybody

Saturday is shopping day and it's a half-hour drive into Kisumu from Maseno where the hospital and jeep doctors are based. We shop at "Nakumat" it's great advantage is that everything is under one roof and you don't have to haggle or think that you are paying too much.We are in to also pick up some medicines and generally fix the things that you can't do otherwise, because of lack of time.

Our usual day is something like this
7-8 breakfast
8.30 leave the clinic and drive the muddy tracks avoid sliding into the muddy ditches and the Matatus (local buses)
9.30 start clinic with 50+ patients from Aids, to boils, to...
1.00 tea and butter sandwiches - sometimes you have to wait until when you are finished...
4.00 back at the clinic shower (when there is any water in the tap)
4.30 a drink...or coffee, read.
7.00 eat
10.00 bed time

It's not exciting if you look at that way but there are so many impressions, sights, sounds, conversations and insights. It doesn't leave you untouched.

I go with Lotta now when the roads and driving are worst. Usually Monday and Thursday. Otherwise I write on the old Power Book I have with me. Stuff about our travels and stuff about my childhood - great place to think and just be.
I've been going up the local mountain just behind the clinic it's probably 2000m with a school on top (there are people everywhere) There I've made some panoramas with my Nikon that I'll convert to qtvr later. There's a great view over Lake Victoria.

What we miss the most is going out of a night. One there is nowhere to go to when it's dark and two it's pretty unsafe. The dangers are robbery or accident - the locals get robbed even in small villages like Maseno, and the roads are definitely out of the question. In a large buss accident a few weeks back 60 people died. The lorry coming the other way didn't have its lights on (or was it the buss?) Head on collision at 2 x 120 km per hour.

We've heard about the weather in Sweden. We hardly make any calls though, because the two satellites serving Kenya are expensive. We get charged at around 5 US Dollars per minute. When listening to the BBC we've heard about Sierra Leone. "The British High Commission wishes to evacuate..."

Kenya's corruption is pretty widespread. But there are other problems. When I went to the local university they had 40 computers but no Internet connection 'cause their modem was busted. " Maybe we'll get a new one next week..."

More later.

Take Care - greetings from

John & Lotta

Until 8th June
Maseno Hospital
Maseno Jeep
Box 116
Maseno KENYA

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